With over 170 million homes with access to Tapesh TV Network and an estimated 55+ million viewers, it’s no wonder that Tapesh TV is ranked as the most watched multi-lingual entertainment station in the world! Tapesh TV Network encompasses the globe over-from Europe to Asia, Africa to the Middle East. Broadcast on free to air satellite, YahSat. Tapesh TV can be enjoyed everyday of the week, 24 hours a day!

Research over the years estimates that in North America alone, Tapesh TV Network viewers consist of families from ages 14-56, however, majority of Tapesh TV viewers fall within the adult age of 18 to 49. This category makes up 72% of Tapesh TV Network ‘s total estimates viewership, with an even split between male and female viewers.

It’s also estimated that 85% of Tapesh TV viewers are college educated, while an estimated 90% own or lease a vehicle, and an estimated 65% are homeowners.

Tapesh TV Network is at the front line position of Persian media and continues to expand its coverage. Tapesh TV Network is currently being broadcasted to millions of viewers in the world to the Farsi speaking community. Latest research estimates indicate that Tapesh TV Network is available on more than 15 million receivers in Iran alone.

Iran;s population increased dramatically during the second half of the 20th century, reaching over 75 million by 2011. According to the OECD/World Bank statistics population growth in Iran from 1990 t0 2008 was 17.6 million and 32%. As of 2010, there are about five million Iranians living abroad, mostly in United States, Canada, Europe, Persian Gulf States, Turkey, Australia and the broader Middle East. In particular, the Souther California area is estimated to be host to approximately over 1,500,000 Farsi speaking population. Other metropolises that have large Iranian populations include Dubai with over 350,000 Iranians, Vancouver, Toronto, San Francisco Bay Area, Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Atlanta, London, Sydney, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt. Their combined net worth is estimated to be $1.3 trillion.

Population Growth Rate:  0.792%

Tapesh TV is available on UBI cable in Australia. Internationally, satellite television is the main source in which viewers get their access to the outside world. Movies, music, live talk shows, world news, entertainment news, and everything in between! Available on all major satellite and cable networks, Tapesh TV Network is the #1 source of entertainment!

Domestically Tapesh TV Network is broadcast on free to air satellite Telstar 5 within the United States, Canada, and parts of Mexico. If assembling a satellite dish is of an inconvenience or a flat out inability, Tapesh TV Network has planned ahead with different options to bring you closer to the best in entertainment.
With over two million viewers in North America alone, Tapesh TV is the only multi-lingual station available not only via satellite, but also in Dish Network, Time Warner Cable Company, and Cox Communication.

Widely popular and available specifically within the Los Angeles region of Southern California where it is made available to viewers via subscription.

Age Structure (2010) Estimate

  • 0-14 Years
  • 15-64 Years
  • 65 Years and Older

With Tapesh TV split satellite programming throughout four continents, viewers can enjoy specific programs that may be interest to them in consideration to their specific residence throughout any part of the world. Hence, smart and savvy businessmen quickly and easily become loyal advertisers after experiencing the convenience and accessibility of targeting a specific region that will embrace the promotion of a particular product as opposed to other parts of the world.